About the Elephant

clever elephant does spatial databases, map servers, training sessions, open source advocacy, workshops and more.

Paul Ramsey

Paul has over 15 years of professional experience providing technology development and advice to organizations ranging from Fortune 500 firms to large government agencies to NGOs.

  • PostGIS consulting. Custom functionality, features, set-up, tuning, data models, new functionality, training, and architectures.
  • Mapserver consulting. Core development, new features, performance, configuration, and architectures.
  • General geospatial consulting. ESRI, FME, Oracle Spatial, system architecture and design.



As a consultant with OpenGeo, I am always looking for interesting and challenging new projects, please get in touch.


Upcoming events:

Right now:

  • Completing the PostGIS 2.0 serialization change, typmod for geometry, and nearest neighbor search.
  • Getting ready for vacation at the beach this summer.

Hire me:

  • Need systems architecture advice? Mapserver assistance? PostGIS assistance? Drop me an e-mail and we can discuss your issue, no strings attached.